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Howdy, pardners! Big things have been happening here in Horror Land. The last few years have been exciting, but they pale in comparison to what my amazing fanbase has made possible in 2024. At the top of my list of glorious moments is the release of my new book, "Dark House, Many Rooms: A Horror Anthology." It's available in Kindle and audiobook through Amazon, Audible, and Itunes. The audiobook is narrated by the best in the horror biz: Geoff Sturtevant, Johnathan Sleep, Laura Lockwood, Paul J. McSorley, Lucy Kay, Drew Blood, and yours truly. 

I'm happy to announce my new facebook page. Follow this link to visit me:

To date, I've published several stories in various books, e-zines, and national and international podcasts that I hope you'll check out. To help you select the one that most interests you, read through the info below. Happy reading/listening!
"The Wooden Box" appears in Night Terrors Vol. 14, Season 2 Episode 21 of Drew Blood Dark Tales, and July 15 edition of Creepy Pasta Tales. What happens when a psychopath kidnaps a person who is terrified of the dark and locks him in a pitch-black room? Not scary enough? Okay, let's toss a few large and highly venomous scorpions in there with him. This one isn't for folks who love a warm puppy story.

"Jelly" appears in Night Terrors Vol. 16. It's also featured on Season 17 of No Sleep Podcast and Season 1, Episode 47 of Chilling Tales of the Dark podcast. This one is the most disturbing story I've written to date. When you're a twisted horror writer, and you combine jelly, romance, and human decomp, nothing tasteful will ever come of it. No wonder it's my most popular story. God, you people are sick. But I wouldn't have you any other way!

"Black Wolf's Sedan," fluidly combines sci-fi and horror, like peanut butter and jelly, or raisins and oyster casserole. Okay, maybe not the best analogy. Anyhooo, this one is a gripping tale of a highly skilled assassin who attempts to deliver the body of one of his victims to a clandestine lab for disposal. Things go sideways when a couple of young criminals steal his car. Too bad they aren't aware of the body in the trunk . . . the one that's changing into something horrific. They feature this dive into the depths of the macabre in Scare Street's anthology, Night Terrors Vol. 22, and in the Season 2 Episode 3 edition of  Drew Blood Dark Tales podcast.

Scare Street does it again in Night Terrors Vol. 24 with "Wrath of Shadows." The tale of terror was also featured on Season 6 Episode 11 of Horror Hill podcast. Travis saw his first shadow person at age ten. It terrified him then, and it terrifies him now that he's an adult. Are the moving figures on the wall supernatural monsters or harbingers of impending doom?

"Pop-Pop's Guide to a Happier Life" on Season 7 Episode 12 of Horror Hill podcast is about a young man who receives frightening messages from his deceased grandfather.

If you're a fan of flash fiction, my story, "Double Shift," has been published in Every Writer's Resource. It's a phenomenal site that features various genres of flash fiction, including horror. Check out these amazing stories at You can also view the piece on this website.

Another of my short fiction pieces, "Uncommon Side Effects" was featured in the March 2022 edition of Dissections. They are an outstanding international E-zine that brings together some of the best writers, poets, and critics in horror. Can't believe they're letting me hang with them—no pun intended.

My friends at Drew Blood Dark Tales share my story, "Speak of the Dead" in Season 2 Episode 5. This one is my favorite type of story: horror and screwball comedy. Deputy Waylon Dupree is a rookie cop in a small southern town full of odd characters. During a torrential downpour in the middle of the night, he is ordered to check on the well-being of an elderly widow named Mabel Luckabee, the town's most hated citizen. Shortly after arriving at her derelict farmhouse, Waylon finds Mabel dead in her dirty bedroom. Or is she dead? As the storm rages outside, Waylon is indoors, dealing with a wicked, undead hag who wants to torment him to the point of madness.

Season 2 Episode 21 of Drew Blood Dark Tales features another black comedy tale, "You Never Can Tell."

Speaking of the legendary Drew Blood, he will be lending his talents to Chilling Tales for Dark Nights Episode 162. The story is called, "The Girl in the Wall." Shannon and Donnie find themselves driving through the dark night on a desolate rural highway. Exhausted, they stop at the creepy Miller's Motel for the night. They have no idea the horror that awaits them just beyond the wall in their cheap motel room. Also, my short story, "Craig's Chair," is featured on Season 3 Episode 4 of the same podcast.

Be sure to give a listen to the Season 4 Episode 22 episode of Fear From the Heartland podcast. Host Paul J. McSorley will debut one of my recent stories, "Rain in the Witching Hour." If you like your tension ratcheted up to one hundred, follow Uber driver Darius through a late-night drive with a man who may or may not be a psychopath. Oh, and there's the ice cooler he's clutching. Let your terrified imagination try to figure out what's inside it. On his December 2023 podcast, Paul narrated my story, "Momento Mori." In the late 1800s, death art brought comfort to many families of their deceased loved one. For others, it brought unspeakable terror.

"It Cries at Night" adds a new twist to the haunted doll trope. Cara's life has been spiraling out of control since her husband left and her baby died. To fill the emotional void, she adopts a hyper-realistic doll she names Aimee. Cara dotes on the new doll, pretending she's an actual child. But has she loved the doll into existence? She becomes alarmed when someone rearranges household items and toggles her CD player on and off. And that's only the beginning of her horrifying fall into the supernatural. You can hear this story on Season 1 Episode 196 of Chilling Tales for Dark Nights. The name of the episode is Parental Perils.

Besides kick-starting the popularity of my new book series, "Straight Outta Claxton," my good buddy, Drew Blood, lent his talents to "Madam Ona's Shoppe of Curiosites." Enter Madam Ona's mystical store where you'll discover crytals, potions, and other artifacts capable of propelling you into a supernatural void. The air date for this story was January 26, 2024.


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